Baby jake Wiki

jake Baby is a 3 years live in the mill of Jake. his big brother is isacc

Naughty Jake Lyrics:[]

Isaac: Did you say it is time for an adv...... huh, where's Jake gone. Oh, he's running off.

Isaac: That baby sure loves running off!

Isaac: Quick Jake STOP, NO!

Isaac: You do not run off for the whole time.

Isaac: He's not listening me! He's too busy running!

Baby Jake: Can't catch me, i'm the fastest baby in the world.............

Isaac: No, you do not run off!

Baby Jake: Deesi Deesi Doo.

Isaac: Oh, he's keep running off!

Isaac: And now come back here now!

Baby Jake: No, I'm Deesi Deesi Dooing the flowers!

Baby Jake: Oooh, my bladder, my butt!

Isaac: And... huh, what's he doing now.

Isaac: He's taking his daps off.

Isaac: Oh no, he's gonna wee and poo everywhere, and he's weeing all over the flowers.

Isaac. I better grab a mop and a bucket of water!

Baby Jake: Deesi Deesi Deeks.

Isaac: Think about what you done. You just weed all over the flowers!

Isaac: What am I gonna do with you?

Baby Jake: Hmm.

Baby Jake: On second thought, I might need to tidy this mess up!

Isaac: Did you say is it time for an adventure, Baby Jake? He did.

Isaac: It's time for an adventure, goggi giya! Magic fun with Baby Jake, goggi giya!

Baby Jake: Okay big brother, I will never run off ever again!

Isaac: Yeah, you're such a naughty baby, Jakey!

Baby Jake: Oooh, a bee!

Isaac: Oh no!

The End